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Because you never stop worrying about your children

HSBC Premier customers benefit from the globally-linked up service that we provide. From a dedicated Relationship Manager in your home country to our full support and experience worldwide.

But the benefits don’t stop with you – they extend to your family too. From Family Financial Planning that can help you put future plans in place for each of your children, to ensuring they’re never left stranded while travelling or at school abroad.

  • Protection for children wherever they travel – Global Safety Net
  • Teaching your children the value of money – Children’s Online Savings Account
  • Putting plans in place for your family’s future – Family Financial Planning

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Children’s Online Savings Account

Teach your children the value of money with our Children’s Online Savings Account. They enjoy the freedom to manage their own money – with your guidance – and you can set limits so that they can only withdraw a certain amount per day. Open locally and with joint access, you can monitor just how much they’re saving… and spending.

Family Financial Planning

It’s never too early to start planning for your children’s future. Your Relationship Manager will work with you to develop a financial plan that’s tailored to meet your financial objectives for them. And whether it’s a deposit for a house, the means to buy their first car or a fund to get them through college at home or abroad, Financial Planning from HSBC Premier can help you achieve your and their goals.

Global Safety Net

Whether your children are going abroad to study or even just for the experience of travelling, it’s good to know that they’re not on their own. They can take advantage of the International Account Opening facility in over 40 countries and territories and if you want to ensure they’re never left wanting for money, they can have an additional credit card with a lower limit that you set for them. * Legal restrictions may apply.

We won’t let them down in an emergency either. They can take advantage of up to $2,000 emergency cash (with your permission), use your Multi-trip Global Travel Insurance, access the worldwide helpline
(+1-908-PREMIER) and benefit from next day credit card replacement.

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